Resourse Pooling

G2G Engineering Services Pvt. Ltd. specializes in facilitating Outsourcing engineering solutions and Staffing that are best designed to support the EPMC sector. From mining to manufacturing, ship building, to encompass the detail engineering of a project.

Outsourcing Models:

Engineering Solutions:

In short G2G provides experience and scalability as one-stop partner solution to support your engineering project needs.

From fully outsourced services to on-site support and low-cost offshore solutions, G2G Technical team provides end-to-end engineering support solutions aimed at assisting clients in meeting their deadlines.

Through G2G' in-house engineering team, we're able to provide engineer support thru, 3D modeling and design / drafting support on multiple software platforms including PDMS, CADworks, Aveva Bocad, Tekla Structures, ProSteel, AutoCAD, ZWcad just to name a few and our engineering services span multiple disciplines that include Structural, Mechanical, Piping, Electrical and Instrumentation.

Besides, G2G design services provides Structural Analysis, Pipe Stress analysis, FEA analysis, As built, reverse engineering as well as design services aimed to support your project from start to end.


G2G operates from a position of strength that is supported by its vision of working shoulder-to-shoulder with clients.

Historically, staffing has been a commodity-driven industry where employee and the requisitions are viewed as transactions. G2G shifts this paradigm by choosing to operate proactively with its clients in a true partnership fashion, investing time and resources into understanding their strategic needs well in advance.

By being proactive, G2G's strong plant engineering DNA goes above and beyond the typical actions of a staffing agency that simply fills job orders. We utilize industry-leading technology and knowledge that facilitates resume sourcing process. This insourcing helps harvest candidates from local and international projects as well as numerous social media sites, for our team to screen effectively.