As Built Engineering

Lasergrammetry(3D Scanning) and 3D Modeling:

Lasergrammetry is a high-speed, 'measurement without contact' technology wherein 3D coordinates of points on the surface of an object are determined by projecting laser spots and utilizing advanced scanning methods each spots' location is measured. This technology aids in quick and accurate capture of true 3D (Spatial) data for variety of assets which includes industrial plants, onshore and offshore plants and facilities, buildings, monuments etc.

Lasergrammetry aids quick and accurate capture of true 3D (Spatial) data for variety of industrial plants. Digital data thus collected is used to measure dimensions or exported to packages such as SmartPlant, PDMS, CADWorx, AutoPLANT etc to produce plant as-builts and full scale 3D Plant models. Cloud data can also be used to verify as-built and as- engineered inconsistencies.

G2G has the qualifications, experience and requisite resources which are the key to project success. G2G provides complete range of services to support as-built requirements of various Plant Owners, Operators, EPC/ AEC Consultants and Contractors.

Data Capture:

The area to be modeled is scanned employing eye-safe Laser Scanner. The Scanner simultaneously takes digital photographs of the area scanned. The scans are analyzed at the site itself to ensure completeness. Multiple scans are taken to cover the whole area and to capture dense segments. Existing drawings (legacy drawings), sketches, specifications and other data are collected from the client for generating Bill of Materials and for attributing the model, in case intelligent 3D CAD model is desired.

The state of the art technology, does not require any stoppage of the plant and causes no disruption of the plant activity during any stage of the work. The on-site data collection activity is completed in lowest time period compared to conventional surveying or measurement techniques.

3D CAD Modeling:

All the scans put together comprising the digital point data and the digital photographs form the 3D visual database of the area to be modeled. Utilizing powerful modeling and visualization software dimensionally accurate 3D CAD Model of the facility is generated. Dimensional measurements can be taken from the model with accuracy level of +/- 5 mm for individual components and +/- 10 mm for overall dimensions. The final format can be delivered in dumb formats of AutoCAD or Microstation or made intelligent for SmartPlant, PDMS, CADWorx or any other plant design software as per client requirement.

As-Built Drawings:

GAD and Piping Isometric drawings are extracted from the Model. Bill of Materials can be generated for each isometric drawing based on sketches, specifications etc. collected from the clients/site.